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100% grass fed. 100% grass finished.

Important Information

Price is based on hanging weight, which is the weight of the carcass after initial slaughter and processing. This weight is provided to us by the butcher and is typically around 60% of the live weight. The carcass will hang at the butcher for two weeks for proper aging after which it is processed and packaged into the finished cuts. The yield of finished cuts you will receive is typically around 60 - 65% of the hanging weight. The total price includes all processing and packaging costs. 

For example, if an animal weighs 1000lbs* the hanging weight will be approximately 600lbs. For this example, the share options are broken down below. 

Whole Share:

  • 600lbs hanging weight

  • Total cost $3,600 (600lbs x $6.00/lb)

  • Approximately 390lbs packaged beef

Half Share:

  • 300lbs hanging weight

  • Total cost $1,950 (300lbs x $6.50/lb)

  • Approximately 195lbs packaged beef

Quarter Share:

  • 150lbs hanging weight

  • Total cost $1,050 (150lbs x $7/lb)

  • Approximately 98lbs packaged beef

  • Quarter share is only available when at least two parties are looking for this amount of beef

*Animal weight is variable and this example is for informational purposes only. We are unable to provide hanging weight estimation at the time of initial ordering. 

Whole: $6/lb hanging weight

Half: $6.50/lb hanging weight

Quarter: $7/lb hanging weight 


Delivery is included within a 25 mile radius from Wells, VT. We will work with you to determine the best drop off time. For distances greater than 25 miles, we can arrange a convenient meeting location or provide delivery for an additional charge depending on your location. Farm pickup can also be arranged.


$500 deposit is due upon agreement to purchase share. Deposits are refundable within 30 days of slaughter date. Remaining balance is due in full at time of delivery / pickup. 


Cash, check or venmo (@lakehillvt) is accepted. 

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